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A boutique laser workshop in north London using the latest in laser cutting & engraving techniques. We offer quality rendering of designs in a range of materials as well as 'last-mile' conversion and development for designers, artists, trade and hobbyists.
  • Mark and cut a wide variety of materials
  • Ideal for high detail pieces in single or short runs...
  • ...mockups, experiments & 2D/flatpack componentry too
  • 900mm x 600mm, 1200dpi cut, 600dpi etch
  • 14 years of design experience behind your project

If you're

a designer, artist, architect, fiddler, boffin, student or hobbyist.

Create your design

using your preferred software or we can help design or develop your sketch or concept.

Get in contact

we'll analyse your file, come back to you with a quote within 36 hours.

We'll ‘laser make’ it

realising your vision on the material of your specification using the latest technologies.


Cutting and engraving of woods & laminates, card & paper stock, various plastics, leather, felt, fabrics, and many more things that can burn or melt, as well as the marking of glass, marble & granite.

Creation, conversion & development of your sketches to a final product or prototype.

Comprehensive business coverage (in restaurants & retail, for example) — from signage and point of sale items to window dressage, seasonal detailing or on-brand detailing.

We leverage over 13 years design industry experience to offer a start-to-end service for your new venture.

As always, if you're just not sure — please, get in touch!

The applications for laser cutting & engraving are innumerate—if you don't see it on the list, just ask and we'll have a go. The weirder, the better*.

In addition to computer-aided design and laser-based fabrication, we spray, paint, cut, sand, build & finish projects.

* Ok, this is the internet—
not that weird. We'll probably not experiment on anything with active mitochondria, especially children under the age of 5.

Backlit stairwell siding
6mm acrylic plastic, custom spray-painted, reverse-engraved and cut into sections, custom light fittings and wall attachments
Example Blank


Prices are complex things in our line — on the one hand, we discount for more time on the machine, on the other we often have to work to convert files or develop a client's ideas ...and then there are material considerations.

Put really simply — you can drop us a line, outlining what you're interested in (designs, materials, quantities), and we'll try to get back to you within a day with a quotation or some questions.

Please note that we have a minimum charge of £25 for independent and individual's jobs

Machine time

Machine costs start at £1 per minute, for both cutting and engraving, with discounts based on job size.

Depending upon scale of job, this can amount to a discount of up to 50% on machine time

Most “small” jobs will come in at our minimum job cost, depending upon material.

Design & labour

We offer varying rates depending upon the type of work required.

From £15–£25 per hour for graphic design & artworking to £12.50 per hour for manual detailing or preparation of pieces and works.


We use Royal Mail, couriers and can deliver some items direct around North London.

Please enquire about specific material costs or for the receipt of specific items to engrave or cut.




There was a problem with your contact submission. please check you've entered the following details so that we can respond properly.

We don't cut metal
We don't cut wedding invitations

Send enquiries, files and attachments to:

Unit G Downstairs,
Arena Design Centre,
Ashfield Road,
N4 1FF

Weekdays 10am >

Visits by appointment only

We can not and therefore do not offer quotations over the phone, as there are too many variables to give a useful answer, quickly.

Please don't phone up and ask for a quotation without sending an email with some salient details and some outline of a design first, thanks.

0208 442 8224