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We are a boutique laser workshop in north London offering quality etching and cutting of designs in a range of materials as well as design and development.

We're aimed at: Agencies, designers, film & modelmaking, fashion, PR, artists, boffins, hobbyists.

  • — Mark and cut a wide variety of materials
  • — High detail pieces in single or short runs...
  • — Mockups, tests & 2D/flatpack componentry too
  • — Quality Epilog laser machine - 1200dpi, 36" x 24" bed
  • — 15 years design experience behind your project

Some of the brands who we've been entrusted with over the years include:
John lewis, Microsoft, Jack Daniels, O2, Design Museum, V&A, ITV, BBC, Unilever, Twinings, Holly Fulton, Converse.

By no means do we exclusively work on 'big brand' clients though!


Cutting and engraving of woods & laminates, card & paper stock, various plastics, leather, felt, fabrics, and many more things that can burn or melt, as well as the marking of glass, marble & anodised aluminium.

Also the creation, conversion & development of your sketches and ideas to a final product or prototype.

  • — Film set items
  • — Item branding
  • — Signage, interior & exterior
  • — Clothing & Fashion
  • — Packaging mockups
  • — Rubber stamp making
  • — Stencil design
  • — Point of sale
  • — Window dressage
  • — Artistic pieces

We leverage over 17 years design industry experience to offer a start-to-end service for your project.

If you're not quite sure what you're after — email and check!




Wood, MDF, Acrylic, Leather, Anodised aluminium, Stamping rubber, Card & Paper, as well as some items and pre-made pieces


High resolution cuts on plywood (0.8, 1.5, 3 & 6mm) and MDF (2, 3, 4, 6mm) acrylic (upto 8mm), Paper & Card, Leather, Stencilling Materials

If you don't see what you're wanting on the list here — please enquire and we'll give you a swift answer.

We DON'T — Cut metal or work with vinyl-based materials such as PVC or leatherette. Nor do we mark or etch into high-value items like laptops or very expensive Louis Vuitton luggage (we know — sacrilege!)

We DO — Try things that we might not have tried before, as long as we don't think we'll destroy the machine or kill us


Prices are complex things in our line — on the one hand, we discount for more time on the machine, on the other we often have to work to convert files or develop a client's ideas ...and then there are material considerations.

Put really simply — you can drop us a line, outlining what you're interested in (designs, materials, quantities), and we'll try to get back to you within a day with a quotation or some questions.

Machine time

Machine costs start at £1 per minute, for both cutting and engraving, with discounts based on job size.

Depending upon scale of job, this can amount to a discount of up to 50% on machine time

Design & labour

We offer varying rates depending upon the type of work required.

£25 per hour for design development & artworking and £12.50 per hour for manual detailing or preparation of pieces and works.


Please note: We have a minimum job charge of £25


Send enquiries, along with files and material and quantity specifications to

Cut — Vector, AI, EPS, vector PDF, Legacy CAD*
Etch — Vector / 300dpi bitmap, PSD, AI, PDF, &c.

* Please save DWG files (etc) in a 2010 format, bound by a 900x600mm rectangle

We don't cut metal
We don't cut wedding invitations

New River Studios,
199 Eade Road,
N4 1DN

Weekdays 10am >
Visits by appointment only